The Diamond Exchange: Tromgeroffel

za 5 april 2014

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Esc.rec. presents The Diamond Exchange. Two (or in this case four) passionate music fans take turns in playing their personal favorites for each other, in front of an audience. Participants are selected to ensure a certain level of musical compatibility and to stimulate chemistry, which can be equally interesting for the participants and the audience. At best, you witness an exciting, musical conversation between connoisseurs. Depending on the selected participants, that conversation may trigger an audience to listen, dance, or both. No limits, anything goes.

April 5, starting at 14:00 in De Perifeer in Havenkwartier Deventer: The 11th edition of The Diamond Exchange. This is a special edition featuring all the members of the Tromgeroffel DJ collective: Bart Folmer, Harco Rutgers, Jeroen Diepenmaat and Twan Sallaerts.

The entrance is free(!) and is part of LOS, an open day with lots of other supernice activities going on in Havenkwartier Deventer. Find more info here and come check it out. Well worth it!

  5 april 2014
  Deur open: 13:00 uur
  Aanvang: 14:00 uur
  De Perifeer
  Entree: gratis!

  I'm going