Het Rariteitenkabinet

za 30 augustus 2014

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This Saturday it’s time for the first edition of Het Rariteitenkabinet Festival in Havenkwartier Deventer. As it is with first editions this is all very exciting (especially for the kind people who are working their butts off to make this a success) and I was happy De Perifeer was able to contribute to the line-up. It all starts at 13:00 and ends at 23:30. So that’s a good 10 hours worth of fun.

First of all, Tromgeroffel is playing at this festival. Which should be reason enough to go. It’s my favorite DJ collective and not just because I’m personally in it. Spinning records together with Bart, Jeroen and Twan is something I look forward to every time. We play from 17:00-19:30. Don’t miss it.

Then there’s this new thing: “De Shuffle”. It’s actually an extra area in the festival, measuring exactly one shipping container. The idea for “De Shuffle” is derived from this wedding thing I once did together with Sasker Scheerder. It’s like this: All the DJ’s that play the festival can theoretically also be found behind the turntables in “De Shuffle”. Besides being a much smaller and intimate setting, there’s one more small difference: all DJ sets in “De Shuffle” get interrupted by a languorous slow dance classic every twenty minutes…  and it’s a fully automated system without mercy! Sweet! “De Shuffle” is a collaborate effort by Leon and me.

I’m also responsible for introducing the only act in the festival that is not a local talent: Karl Schmutz. He is going to draw nude portraits of dressed people, using his X-ray eyes. Amazing. Check his promo movie overhere.

Check the complete line-up and get your tickets overhere.

  30 augustus 2014
  Aanvang: 13:00 uur
  Entree: 10 euro

  I'm going